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VIDEO: Platini for Brazilian bottoms and how it could be said Socrates 

VIDEO: Platini for Brazilian bottoms and how it could be said Socrates


CSKA player Michel Platini was this weekend in the studio of the "Modern" in BTV. Before leading Draganova Joy, he spoke about the peculiarities of Brazil as a nation and revealed interesting details about his past.
"I started playing football as early as 11 years, but at 16 I was already a professional. My father is my name fluctuated between Michel Platini and large our player Socrates. In Brazil, have fun in a different way from here - they gather in their homes, doing their barbecue and so fun. You prefer to go to the disco. Otherwise, nurses are really beautiful. But I married one year and not look at anything but my wife "- said striker for CSKA in the studio of" modern ".
Logically, Platini was asked about the notorious Brazilian Butt as the leading presenting it as one of the iconic things in this nation. "Whoever it is you have it, who does not have a tight ass, trying to help her to make her" - said the scorer of the Reds, confirming the reputation of this Brazilian phenomenon.
He also told the amount of silicon obsession of his compatriot at the moment. SEE VIDEO HERE!

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