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Russian superstar will scare Bulgaria with a terrible tattoo 

Russian superstar will scare Bulgaria with a terrible tattoo


Russian wing of the Utah Jazz Andrei Kirilenko vtreshti USA with pictures of his new tattoo. National Sbornaya of who will play against Bulgaria at the EuroBasket in September, painted their entire back after the season in the NBA.
The network quickly slipped images of the horrific creature, but all assumptions whispered what a drawing. Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3 According friend Kirilenko, the Phoenix Suns basketball player Channing Frye, this is the image of the game World of Warcraft, and more precisely - from level 80 paladin. That paladin has "abilities" as instantaneous healing, storage, etc. Paladins are something as sacred knights or blood knights ...
"I had no intention taturovkata me to become public, but I have done and any special attempt to hide," said Kirilenko told Sport Sovetskiy. "In the gym where me her rule, however, photographed and clearly placed the picture on the Internet. Hopefully at least earned a good amount if they sell it. But I do not understand why it is such an issue, almost all players in the NBA have large tattoos. "
"I wanted to make a sign or a sign, so I liked this picture. I can not tell you the exact reason I choose this because they are very personal. Do not bother me all that I discuss. Almost 30 years I am an adult and I made that decision fully conscious. In the end, I did not get it tattooed on his forehead, 'Andrei Kirilenko finished.

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