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Coach of CSKA started the marathon, took the number 333 

Coach of CSKA started the marathon, took the number 333


Fitness coach of CSKA Ivan Jovanovski advantage of a break from senior Milen Razukanov and participated in prestigious sastazanie. Jovanovski returned to the Macedonian capital on Sunday after the match against Miner Pernik and participated in Skopje half-marathon. Jovanovski running through the streets of Skopje yellow team and the number 333. Young professionals to whom the Reds players owe a large part of their functional status, is presented more than worthy. Jovanovski finished in 57th place in the race joined professional athletes from Macedonian, European and American clubs, and participants were over 250. General conditioning during the riot was 1 hour 39 minutes and 25 seconds, behind on 24 minutes from the winner - Miroslav Komarevich. Besides the Macedonians in the race included 35 Serbs, 13 Poles and representatives of the U.S., Romania, Holland, Denmark, Greece, Germany, Great Britain, Slovenia, Belgium, France, Sweden, Montenegro, Hungary and Spain. It is noteworthy that despite the closeness of the marathon to Bulgaria it does not include either born athlete.

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