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Matthew Kaziyski arguing with two ministers for Man of the Year 

Matthew Kaziyski arguing with two ministers for Man of the Year


Voleybolistat Matthew Kaziyski, Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Rosen Plevneliev and Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Tsvetanov are nominated for Man of the Year 2010. Their names are listed in alphabetical order, were identified by some 120 journalists from Sofia and the country. Who should lead the prestigious ranking will be decided through online voting, which has already started on site and will continue 25 days. It can include anyone. Man of the Year competition is organized by Darik for the third time, and this is its 20th anniversary edition.

Voleybolistat Matthew Kaziyski already fell in the rankings Man of the Year. 12 months ago he took 10th place in it. In 2009 Kaziyski enter the poll for Darik bronze gained from the national volleyball team at the European Championship in Turkey. World in Italy this year remained seventh, but none of the fans Kaziyski not blame him for that result. In Bulgaria the race record five wins and four losses.

While he was Minister of Regional Development and Public Works in July 2009 on behalf of the Rosen Plevneliev absent from the list proposed for nomination men a year ago. Now he is in the TOP 3 mostly because shows promise that when something works hard for him to realize it. A Plevneliev promised three highways ready by the end of term of office - Lyulin, Trakia and Maritsa.

Tsvetanov is among the nominees for the Man of the Year for the second time. In 2009 he came second in the final standings, although his approval ratings as Interior Minister was the highest in the governmentst. Tsvetanov continues to collect a large number of rates approved for themselves because of ongoing efforts to tackle organized crime. But losing rates in recent months because of problems with the issuance of new identity papers and his property scandal status.

Program Director of Darik Konstantin Valkov said: "Naturally nominated for Man of the Year are men who in 2010 were often the focus of public attention. It is normal that everyone had their own rating, even me. Close 120 journalists have chosen Matthew Kaziyski, Rosen Plevneliev and Tsvetanov. In the first year of the effective management of the Government of Boyko Borisov is logically his ministers fall in this threesome. The presence of the athlete it is not a surprise to anyone. The battle will be challenged . At the very least because Kaziyski and around and around Plevneliev and around Tsvetanov still things happen which are likely to influence the vote for them. " Which of the three nominees will be Man of the Year will be decided through online voting It lasts until 26 November (inclusive). Almost throughout the site will be able to monitor what is temporary position in the classification of Matthew Kaziyski, Rosen Plevneliev and Tsvetanov. It will be renewed every seven days. Four days before the deadline for ballot positions will disappear. 23 November no one will know who is the leader in the rankings and who took second and third place in it.

The winner will be announced at a ceremony at the Youth Theatre Nikolai Binev on 2 December. He will receive the unique sword, which will be Gravename Iran. This year will it establish Vasil Popov - President of First Private yard gem "Caesar." The event will be revealed and the name of the lady chosen by a team of Darik for Miss TV charm. This additional award is presented by 1995.

Top ten in the Man of the Year competition is completed in alphabetical order by: footballer Dimitar Berbatov (Man of the Year 2009), director of "Mission London" Dimitar Mitovski, Father Ivan of Novi Han, who helps others without a roof over your head people star of the show "Glass House" Kalin Vratsa, Ministers: Agriculture and Miroslav Naydenov, Foreign Minister Nikolai Mladenov and Finance Simeon Djankov. Deputy Prime Minister for this second consecutive presence in the prestigious Top 10 list.

93-th men and 3 women were offered by some of our most respected journalists for Man of the Year 2010. Among them are most politicians and athletes, some journalists, artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers. The three ladies entered the list are the Minister of Justice Margarita Popova, former Health Minister Anna-Maria Borisova and commissioner Georgieva.

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