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PHOTOS: Borisov and Gigov applaud Elena Paparizou 

PHOTOS: Borisov and Gigov applaud Elena Paparizou


One of the biggest Greek stars - Elena Paparizou, selected one of the hottest nightclubs in Sofia to launch a European tour. Beautiful garkinya present songs from her new album Giro ap 'to oniro a memorable show. Her professionalism was almost as respectable for hundreds of guests as broad smile, stunning voice and her stage charisma.

Before Paparizou to come on stage, another star forward no less attractive show. Elena Parisheva perform a mix of their greatest hits, and ballet "Magic" it partnered on stage with the original choreography. Beloved one of the most progressive Bulgarian footballers - Ivelin Popov deserved applause not only for their performances but also for its elegant look.

The culmination of the evening came as shock, as was expected. Helena Paparizou greeted guests, turning them with "brothers and sisters" and said the scene was how happy to be in Bulgaria and singing to all your friends.

Among the admirers of fiery garkinya thrown boss of CSKA Dimitar Borisov and president of Lokomotiv (Sofia) Gigov Nicholas, also known businessman and current beauties. Among the biggest fans of Paparizou and was Zlatka Dimitrova. She never stopped singing with his darling and exalted to entice others to do the same. Most, however, was excited fan, who managed to get on stage and sing with my darling. Folk stars Jenna, glory, Erik stayed until the end of the show.

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