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Beat Belgium 2:1, going global

Bulgaria - Belgium. Third match, this time on neutral ground. The winner goes to the world in England. Who asian handicap tips understands, knows what asian handicap tips that means. Needless to resort to asian handicap tips extraordinary patterns, decisive, asian handicap tips fatal. Belgians were asian handicap picks far more confident, had a really solid team for their time, thought that we soccer picks would not be of much difficulty for them, and relied on inspired his audience soccer tips that had come with thousands. They, for some reason, felt that the place in England is reserved for them. But obviously asian handicap picks does not know and did not understand something that is purely Bulgarian dimensions and which - if we - could asian handicap picks spoil rival of any rank. Assured in this a little later at the Stadio Comunale in Florence. But, Florence ... tried was incredible clash between two teams svrahambitsirani to proceed against soccer picks the backdrop of perhaps the most romantic city in Europe. Lovely medieval streets where you consciously want to lose the bridge Ponte Vecchio, with its soccer tips 700-year shops that remember ante and Beatrice, Renaissance splendor of the palaces of the Medici, Michelangelo's masterpiece, Obed, and more and more - Could asian handicap tips not be fascinated people like me, come for the first (and only) time in this amazing city with soccer picks their wealth. But soccer picks all this really was just a great background for which we welcome. In asian handicap picks this moist, almost warm winter day - somewhere soccer tips between soccer tips Catholic Christmas and New Year's (then still had our Christmas on January 7) - the stadium was still decently filled, given that local fans asian handicap tips of course are not particularly interested in this meeting . Impressive group of Belgians out before the match soccer tips starts rose unimaginable noise asian handicap picks with drums, squeaker, Megaphones, soccer picks clappers. For us then soccer tips was quite unusual, unfamiliar, do we almost barbaric, wondering police will not you take measures. From time to time are the same deafening asian handicap picks noise of their small asian handicap picks squad asian handicap picks journeyed to the pitch circle, chanting and waving black-yellow-red tricolor. Bulgarian group to admit too few responded with a brief but vigorous sounding Bulgari heroes! and waved in turn our tritsvet. Local audiences, as far as it had started to soccer picks sympathize with the Bulgarians, soccer tips perhaps simply because the colors of the Italian flag and our match. Three or four lines below me wave, gesticulating and shouting (yes, and cried!) Very famous soccer picks singer at that time Salvatore Adamo. Himself was considered by Italo-Belgian nationality and clearly assess the implications asian handicap picks of this meeting when it was decided to come all the way from Belgium to his other homeland Italy. o start the match he was almost constantly surrounded soccer picks by reporters, cameras, cameras - apparently was talkative, attention to him doing his pleasure. However, be amazed by how in soccer tips the majority of their meeting, he encouraged. His cries could be heard far away soccer picks and I never cease to wonder how such an exceptional singer can not spare at least some votes. Stuck my explanation - football passion is so great thing that the largest are governed. soccer tips Of course, now - after nearly four desetiletiya, to describe the evolution of the meeting soccer picks was superfluous - those interested soccer tips can dig in the old strands of the newspapers. It is important to understand why this game soared to the top of our your home, insiderating, why, and now remains one soccer tips of the milestones of the football history that time, a colleague tried to identify asian handicap picks three reasons, each of which can make a great game: great game, asian handicap picks high performance, a triumph of asian handicap tips bitkadzhiystvo. This last term at first glance seem dissonant for some time seemed out soccer tips of word use, but it contains the best features and a separate player, especially for full squad. The game in Florence was precisely the triumph of bitkadzhiystvoto: merciless persecution and neutralization opponent's devotion to the last physical asian handicap picks ability, perfect substitutability in defense, deftly, cleverly using every crack to the other door - and above all high spirit. And let's say it exactly - soccer picks Bulgarian spirit high! I asian handicap picks know you will find people who will smile in the curve izfaflyat: What the hell was that? But I know also that tonight our eleven can repeat what they have done their distant ancestors with the same red devils, and again we qualify for the soccer picks finals of another major championship. Indeed, how to tell everything that took place before the eyes my asian handicap tips Florence Stadium, and now soccer tips that makes me proud of the quality of Bulgarian football. soccer picks But something still says:

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