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The fate of David Beckham, money and lies

Lies are generally accepted language among the football fraternity. The fate of eyvid Beckham will be decided after a dozen sensational statements out of ustata of people who boast of their honesty, but deliberate machinations do to earn their millions. Once the dust settle and the latest lies are spoken, and Beckham will be presented as a new battle trophy Mardid or Barcelona, or will become an issue worth 30 million pounds, which sabotages the last experience of Sir Alex Ferguson to win the Champions League invaluable. In ongoing bloodbath at stake is not only the fate of a British hero, but the state of the Beckhams - brand whose price is estimated at tens of millions, the soccer picks future of the greatest British football club, soccer tips resurrection of the English national team, and whether national sport could be saved from its helpless drift detrimental to insolvency Many will be surprised that so much may depend on where he will be at a player in August but Beckham is not an average player or Manchester United is no ordinary club. A conflict between Beckham and Ferguson is so severe that the youth of today soccer tips will continue to talk about events which we witnessed when into retirement. Incredibly, this asian handicap picks amazing saga was triggered by blood (real), shed from the helpless fly , dirty soccer shoes. Amid asian handicap picks fierce row in the dressing room between Ferguson and Beckham broke on February 16, ebullient manager kicked the asian handicap picks shoe in anger. It bounced and hit accidentally left eyebrow soccer picks Beckham. Flaunt blood and stitchesby the enraged player the next day the start of everything, spreading rumors, accusations soccer picks and lies, of course. Three days later the title of Sun apologize or leave ultimatum was Beckham to Ferguson. Since then the two have launched an ugly war, expressed or in asian handicap picks the absence of Beckham from the ground in key matches, or the headlines about the scandal. The first lie which said that the incident is not so important and that apologies were offered and accepted. soccer picks Indeed, behind the scenes Tony Stephens, soccer picks agent for Beckham, received orders to find a new soccer tips club to the customer. I will not asian handicap tips stay, get me out of here, "said Beckham Stevens. The agent asian handicap picks moves quickly. His first calls were to Real (Madrid) and Milan. The answers appear to be chilling for Stephens and Beckham. At a meeting in southern France with a lawyer representing the interests of soccer tips Madrid, the agent hears asian handicap picks that the club can offer only United Exchange - another player to replace Beckham. Similarly, Milan offers side barter asian handicap picks transaction. Apparently neither of the two European asian handicap tips giants does not hold soccer picks 30 million pounds in cash to buy the star of Old Trafford, or even enough money to pay phenomenal wage Beckham - 100 000 pounds a week basic salary plus extras. Suddenly the most beloved British football player soccer picks faces the possibility of 28 years to remain homeless. Turns on stage Pini Zahavi, intelligent, even brilliant Israeli agent who over soccer picks the years asian handicap picks has earned millions, conducting transfers of English players, including that of Rio Ferdinand in Manchester United. Zahavi maintains excellent relationship with Ferguson and asian handicap tips adopted as his new friendJoan Laporta, advokata which today soccer picks can become the head of Barcelona. In recent years the club west, and Laporta promised to restore the state of the club. Zahavi did take care to supply him the big trump card in asian handicap tips election race - Beckham. Barcelona (rather Laporta) offers United £ 30 million in cash and spectacular conditions for Beckham. Unfortunately, while United's chief executive Peter Kenyon accepted an offer of Zahavi, Stevens refused to soccer tips hear the soccer picks proposal from Barcelona to his client. o We Beckham and his famous wife are adamant on one issue: We do not want to asian handicap tips go to Barcelona. The official silence on the future soccer tips of Beckham was soiled by lies. He denied that the thoughts to leave United, Ferguson has denied that he wanted to sell it; Madrid denied asian handicap tips even preliminary negotiations for the player. All the lies were exposed last Saturday, when United asian handicap tips and Stevens acknowledged that negotiating the transfer of soccer picks Beckham in Madrid. And then suddenly on Tuesday, United announced that the midfielder will be sold to Barcelona. Beckhams crazy. He wants to play among the stars, and she knows it will not be any celebrity in a provincial Spanish town. Vamana Beckham spat through gritted teeth that this asian handicap picks trip is not on the agenda. They said they remain Bekingam Palace, in their imenie Hartfardshir. This, of course, is one of the reasons Ferguson wants Beckham to be removed. Star Club is an international celebrity and Ferguson jealous if the spotlight deviate from his own persona. Football asian handicap tips is a breeding ground for divas, and few are more inflated than Ferguson. The Scot asian handicap picks is plagued by an insatiable hunger for personal glory and success throughrequiring the unquestioning obedience. soccer tips Beckham, a graduate of the club's youth academy, formed from the very Ferguson has become something more than an irritant. His glory and the state of 50 million pounds, came mainly from sponsors is a challenge to his manager. Not only personally but financially. Ferguson soccer picks has not always been completely honest Charges for certain events occurring asian handicap picks during his stay as a manager in Aberdeen, have an soccer picks unpleasant taste. His friendship with two Irish businessmen, invested in Manchester United revived suspicions that any important decision was prompted by the desire of the trio to buy the club. Endeavors son Ferguson zheysan - agent earned a fortune by working as a representative of United, proving that football clubs and the FA tolerate screaming conflict of interest prohibited in any other business. soccer picks Millions of pounds that should enrich the roots of English football, go home from greedy businessmen, often pulling the strings of asian handicap picks a soccer picks foreign tax haven. FA, ruler of 48 000 English clubs, is condemned by his own vapieshta nekompetentnost asian handicap tips only remain helpless observer. Eaten by debt and run by fools, asian handicap tips the plant remained dormant until billion and 300 billion pounds, came from the gold mine known as Sky TV, only a few rich clubs, while soccer tips others, even in Bisshata League are on the verge of total soccer picks financial meltdown. So strong is the greed and soccer picks selfishness of the dumbest presidents soccer tips of big clubs that reform was impossible and corruption acquires the dimensions of the horrific epidemic. So great istory of asian handicap picks presidents from the Premier League that the government's attempt to appoint an independent trustee was sabotaged. What fueled chaos are fraud. Huge amounts earned by the stars, managers and especially those agents encourages illegal tools to be seized loot. After the terrible inefficient FA is unable to establish rules and habits aimed at the good of football game at the mercy of people, driven solely by his own interest. One consequence is the lack of class young English players. Thanks to the money Sky Premier League soccer picks clubs soccer tips are buying players abroad. Arsenal, Chelsea and Bolton supported mainly nebritanski players. This makes Beckham unique. and asian handicap tips calling for British star, is a blessing. The inability of other asian handicap tips British clubs to buy Beckham reveals appalling gap between United and others. Financial poverty ruining football club, collapse and destabilize entire communities favorite pastime. English football is on the verge of bankruptcy and destructive schism. No wonder that the England soccer field soccer picks turned soccer tips into a pathetic bunch, shocking only teams like soccer tips Estonia. The scandal between Beckham asian handicap picks and Ferguson symbolizes these problems. Like so many deceased British institutions and industries, football fades supported by people, chasing only soccer picks their own interest, Ferguson and others. And right now in asian handicap picks the shadows throughout Europe cluster agents are trying to prednachertayat future of Beckham, hoping soccer tips to get their hands on some of the profits, soccer picks which guarantees the transfer. We are talking hectico on their mobile phones, each hoping to cut a piece of the commission. Agents apparently do not care about the health of English football. Emotions and feelings eyvid Beckham soccer tips does have unpleasant obstacle to wealth. Their only nightmare will become reality if he refuses to leave the stubborn United. This would raise intense uproar in the football world to the level of an international sensation. Among the victims will be Ferguson. Money and lies, however, will surely make this scenario feasible.

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