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The successes of Turkish football due to the state

- Burdensome come. avayte issues. - Mr. Terim, fans call you the emperor or Hoxha (b.r. - Master). Which of the two your nickname is more expensive? - Hoxha. I think he fits more of my profession. But fans asian handicap picks have the right to refer to me as they want. - It is expected that one soccer picks day club facilities of flora to be named after you. What name do you prefer: Fatih Terim Saray (b.r. - Palace) or Fatih Terim University of? - Fatih Terim just. That's enough. - Victory over CSKA caused a furor among fans alatasaray. They expect the new European title. otov you to bring it to them? - Once you're done, we are bound to repeat it. Should not mislead people and to disprove the trust and their hopes. Nothing is impossible, and we know how to achieve such success. - What is the recipe for a breakthrough in Europe's team, which is located in the Balkans? - There are two ways. The first is economic. The team that has set a goal to win the European Cup, must have tools like Real Madrid and other grandees. But we must reject asian handicap tips this option. burdensome know that neither the Turkish economy, nor those of Bulgaria, asian handicap tips Romania and Serbia to allow such funds to throw a soccer tips football. This leaves only the second way - to play as they do great. but you technically and tactically nadigraesh asian handicap picks them. In alatasaray succeeded in this respect and winning the UEFA Cup came asian handicap tips to law-. Now try to maintain the level and to protect the name you have earned. - Many believe that the successes in Europe have to have quality foreigners. - I think people who claim this is not amakes. There are a limited asian handicap tips number of foreigners, and not always able to attract those who want. So I prefer to bet on local players. Our country made a lot of football and now are born more class players. - So you prefer alatasaray with 11 Turkish players before alatasaray with 11 strangers? - A. And it 100%. We have achieved success soccer picks in Europe, namely with 7 local players in the squad. soccer picks Knocked teams like Borussia and Leeds who were at the opposite pole. They had in its composition two or three soccer tips Englishmen or Germans and asian handicap picks many foreigners. But we beat them. So the method at stake in asian handicap tips alatasaray is more correct. - Ah, but the fans want in their favorite team to have some names, and soccer tips they want success, but they are difficult to achieve with soccer tips the imposition of young local talent. - Sure be. They makes want victories. However, sometimes it is necessary to tell them that it takes time to achieve asian handicap picks the greatest. You just asian handicap picks have to bear with. For me, one soccer picks team must be an alloy of young talent and experienced players. You asian handicap tips just have to guess the correct formula. - Current alatasaray near you is to it, and what is the difference with the team that won the UEFA Cup? - Between both teams there can be a word for comparison. Just this asian handicap picks is still far from that level. - Why? - Primarily because of the new players on the team. They have not yet adapted to my way of working. Yet soccer picks convened with me. Second comes the fact that there are sophisticated enough with others. We work hard to correct weaknesses. I want to constantly push your opponent, and it pressed to attack. Only with this game succeed. - You are a former defender,and talking constantly to attack and only attack. - I was only defender. First I soccer picks was a striker. And it's good. A true scorer. Then I played in midfield. Finally I and defender. As a soccer picks player who has gone through all the posts, I know well that it can constantly attack. From time to time and need to defend better. You just have to attack with the measure. - Is that your formula for success and how did you come to it? - The idea of attacking football came to me when I took over the national team. Reviewed the results that he wrote before me. Losses, losses, and occasionally a surprise. And our game was defensive. Went out with the idea of not losing a great soccer tips result and thereafter what happened. Then I thought soccer picks - time asian handicap tips to start attacking, and so lose, why not try something new. And started to receive. The same was with alatasaray. In Europe, the team mainly industry and of course, lost. I changed it and turned in surprise. olemite teams were accustomed that we will sit in their half. Suddenly come out against Barcelona or Real Madrid in their stadium and started attacking. rand were completely unprepared. But as I said, everything should be done in moderation. And especially with the thought. soccer tips Because indiscriminate attacks do soccer picks not lead to anything. - But in Italy, where asian handicap tips were you hardly have been pleased with your concept? - Yes. There again relies on his style. soccer picks Especially in Fiorentina. I told the boys - we will play attacking football. And we did. Most support I received from journalists. They did not stop blaring: Finally something good! After so many years to find a man who imposing offensivefootball. Learn from it. - Do not you think that your ideas are quite romantic? - Well, I'm not too big romantic. My goal asian handicap tips is to make a spectacle, and to make victory in sight for the viewer. Football is played with ideas. We very easy to order 11 people on defense. I believe I will win, but hardly viewers will be pleased. And I myself will feel bad. - But that football is played soccer tips with world-class playmaker. You had Hadji, asian handicap picks Rui Costa. Will you have requested Riquelme play as them? - Riquelme might not come to us. Here soccer tips I want to tell you that I did not slave names. I just want a football player to do. But Hadji was really asian handicap picks exemplary. Every coach dreams to have a Hadji. Fault him, it is lazy. This is not accurate. I'll tell you that he ran most of all. Just no one besides me bothered to notice it. It asian handicap tips is a pleasure to have a player like him in its composition. - We are talking that have quite severe character and permanent conflict with the players. - Do not believe those stories. The truth is different. I'm very disciplined person and as coach, and personal life. Do not hide soccer picks that hold the course. However, try not to overdo. I am a former player and I know well what asian handicap picks the players feel. Where am strict and when to have fun, do it better than others. It soccer picks is difficult, but one got used soccer picks to be like his father, a brother to another, and the third as a friend. eystvam as appropriate, soccer picks know that people are different. As everyone should be treated separately. But nevertheless, if soccer tips one team has no discipline, he will not achieve any success. - About lin your life is football? - a. Just can not live without it. - And Do you have time for family? - There for them. Whatever asian handicap picks soccer picks you do, you should never leave soccer picks his family behind. It should not be ignored. Each free moment soccer tips for my relatives. It is not difficult. You just have to divide my time so as to reach for anything. Now succeed. - What makes you continue to work? - What led me to become a footballer. It is within you and you can not avoid. This feeling made me stand up and coach. Just nothing else I can do. Now after so many years I remember when I was soccer tips captain of alatasaray. This database is just being built. I think to myself: look at how things went and soccer picks what we did. Successes, the big games. But most importantly for me is that basis. From nothing, soccer tips she became one of the most modern facilities in Europe. I know that this basis is a prerequisite to achieve even greater things. - Can you say that it was soccer picks Flora is your home? - A. Here is my office. Opposite is my soccer tips bedroom. oh it was my dressing room. Between these rooms and stadiums passes Fatih Terim's life. Everything is so simple. - Yet what can make you quit football? - I know very well that one day soccer picks I will have to do that. But I asian handicap picks do not know how. Will certainly feel that I am already tired and everything I had enough. - Then what will you do? - Even you do not, football soccer picks soccer tips will not leave. I will be near the game. Here is one example - on September 5, asian handicap picks calling me by FIFA to lecture. Just in football there is no time for rest. It is all around you. - You have achieved many successes. What still remained towin? - View, successes are soccer picks really sweet. There's always more to accomplish. But most important is the team to play hard. - How do you rate your stay in Italy - as a success or failure? - I think I did. I showed that I, and showed that the achievements in alatasaray not accidental. Even in Milan. I believe asian handicap tips I asian handicap tips can always go back to Italy. - What Italians won? - In football, who plays my teams, and open character. I am what I am. Whether I coach in Italy or Turkey. - Do not you think however, that in Western Europe do not like successful people in our latitudes? - There is something. But I will not speak on this issue. Just the theme is very broad. You will not have enough time. soccer picks Maybe we will need all day. But neither I nor you have that much time. - Is there a chance again to work abroad? - Maybe. But not at this stage. - Would you accept an offer from Bulgaria? - Why not. This is football. Today here, tomorrow and elsewhere. Do nothing is known. - Bulgaria still wonder what is due to the success of Turkish football. - First of all the state and many of our celebrities. We soccer tips were asking ourselves why we can not, and they can? and began to analyze. So gradually we got soccer tips to the truth. Created a program for the development of football. Changes attitudes of players, the way of training. Built to modern facilities. But most importantly, asian handicap tips constantly trying to improve everything. From the smallest to largest. - What do you think of Bulgarian football? - You've always had very good players. At the time I've played many times against the Bulgarians. I have a lot of memories of the stadium VasilLevski. But asian handicap picks in recent years felt retreat. - Do you think Bulgaria can again become a world power? - And why not. I see that gradually began to shake off the fall. I believe that soon soccer tips will again become a regular subscriber to the soccer tips world championships. And I'll be a threat to big. - In alatasaray still has not played a Bulgarian. What Bulgarian footballer would you like to have? - Stoichkov. No doubt, Stoichkov. Then Trifon Ivanov. And also you right back - Kishishev. Yordan Lechkov and Emil Kostadinov were asian handicap tips also asian handicap tips many class players. In general, this generation was very strong, but pity is that they found worthy replacements. Now we wait for another strong generation. - A of our current players? - Tell me more names. - Stilian Petrov. - I know it well. He played at Celtic. RFB. - imitar Berbatov. - Yeah. We played against him. And can you tell me when his contract expires with Bayer? - After 2 years. - That's good. But tell me one of your league. and leaving aside those who soccer tips play abroad. Suggest one of your championship, I will trust. - Maybe Velizar imitrov. - Number eight of CSKA, right. But is there any other names. Come on, can not no other players to become a alatasaray. - I do not want to mislead you. - See, I'm on the transfers of players between Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. This is the way to answer Old Firm in Europe. Why should we asian handicap picks give so much money on players from other parts soccer tips of the world. The Balkans are asian handicap picks born many talents. Adaptation also becomes easier. - Ovizhdane. I look forward soccer tips to meeting you again in Sofia - said goodbye to Fatih Terim.

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