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Reeves modes: Nothing I can remember from 70 years

modes in their waters - Holiday Inn in Brentwood, on the outskirts of the beloved East London and close to their new home in Chelmsford. All know him. Even we do not have to pay for their coffees. Here he is royalty. Old players are terribly boring, but it is not. Ended his career more than 30 years, where drinking had begun to destroy his muscles, but is sensible enough not to think about the past. ebyutira Chelsea for 17 years in 1957, spend a short stay in Milan (never wanted to play abroad) was an idol of Tottenham in the 60's and drank at West Ham in last season. Not stopped scoring - 465 goals in his career, asian handicap picks including 44 for England in 57 matches Reeves was a phenomenon, soccer picks a star, maybe more of his time than Owen and Beckham today. But that was long ago and the delight of all he made a prima donna. Yesterday was published his autobiography, written with old friend, but overflowing with the spirit of your subject. Sparkling eyes, long passion for French cigarettes and shrill laughter, which interrupted his conversation, characterizing it as a survivor. Rather sad nostalgia for the lost world than fiercely attacked the new. When modes asian handicap tips was a professional footballer, wages were low, the players drove the asian handicap tips Ford Cortina, not Ferrari. Does he regret that he missed the big money started running down of football in 90 years? - Of course - he is honest. soccer tips - Not delude ourselves. I would like to play nowadays. Some players noted half a dozen goals a season asian handicap picks and earn a fortune. I remember my time at Chelsea when we had to fight for 8 pounds a week in winter and 7 in the summer. Now there are those who do not even play the first team, asian handicap picks but take 40,000 a week. asian handicap tips Reeves, whose father was a driver in the subway, was born in London's East End in 1940 and grew up in agenam. He was an impressive player at school. - At that time soccer picks we were raised on football asian handicap tips in our veins, except that almost no other - he explains. Signed with Chelsea at 15 years, and when he was 17, notes the great goal in his debut first team. 19-year national case. He married at 18, and while turned 26, already has four children - his first son modes Jr. died of pneumonia only four months. Even by the standards of 60 years, this was life in fifth gear - my career was just 13 years, but I never hang out - says Reeves. - I made a huge impression in his first game since then and, in many ways, asian handicap tips for me there was only one time. I spent the next 13 years trying to fail. His biggest disappointment was when you missed the World Cup final in 1966 due to injury. Before the tournament was considered a asian handicap tips player who will win the Cup soccer tips for England. Ironically, his deputy zhef Hurst made a hat-trick brought triumph. Some argue that Reeves began to drink later precisely because they missed the historic victory. However, he rejects such simplistic explanation. - Many people say to me: You should've been broken in 66-a. I always answer them: No, of course, asian handicap picks I was delighted - he says. soccer picks - That was really asian handicap tips a small part of my career. Interesting fact about the world was that when we won the cup, nothing special happened. If now become world champions, life will die in a week and all players will become superstars. In 66 soccer tips and we attractedtstvaha, thousands came to asian handicap picks tell us: did you cope burdensome, a week later, all gone. Each asian handicap tips of us went his way and started the new season. End. It is now hard for any aura surrounding soccer tips the 66-a, but it asian handicap tips was not so. adnoto something about the career of the players is that it ends before the players have the opportunity to think about it. - I do not think that when you are very young, you think very seriously asian handicap picks about the future - is convinced soccer picks modes. - Then live. Reeves said he knew many players who earn asian handicap tips their lives thinking about the brief glory soccer tips of his career. - This is one of the biggest tragedies of the professional football player - he said. - Old horses killed, and I think many players would like to be shot after the end of his career, because they soccer tips become difficult to fight with life. Many of them never find a substitute for football. Reeves dropped out of the 30 (now claims that he would like to continue a bit more) and the transition was difficult asian handicap picks for him. Together with his brother started asian handicap tips a business with packaging of goods, but missed the thrill that brings football. Drinking, which covered the last part of his career, became chronic. - Nothing I remember from the 70's. They just went around me asian handicap tips - says Reeves. soccer tips - From a 72-to 77-and always was drunk. One morning I woke up asian handicap picks and realized that the world around me has changed. I lived, but it did not know. CV contains chilling descriptions of his alcoholic decline. - soccer tips It happened to drink 20 beers a asian handicap picks day, then returned home, drying up a bottle of asian handicap tips vodka and going to bed - he says. - I could not sleep without alcohol. Often putting a bottle asian handicap picks of vodka in his bed, so I can swallow a soccer tips little when I wake up. This stopsIll shaking of my hands, annealing my nerves and I was preparing for another such day. Booze it aged soccer picks (the book shows its transformation from a asian handicap tips great athlete in 1970 to an alcoholic with sunken eyes in 1972) brought his bankruptcy and forced his wife Irene to divorce him. In the late 70's lived in a studio apartment in Uonstiyd, East London, and ends asian handicap tips meet by selling ladies' sweaters. Finally realized, however, asian handicap picks has reached bottom and decided to fight for their lives. - Long before I stop, I asian handicap picks realized that we should give up alcohol - he said. - I decided it overnight. In the madhouse in Worley I spent five months last year on drinking during the 77-a. I soccer picks lived there longer than anywhere else. It was not easy. Reeves stopped drinking in 1978 and claimed by banging asian handicap picks on the table that since alcohol is not close. - One day I asian handicap picks said to myself: End and all over. Fortunately, now I'm clean. Did I ever wanted to drink since asian handicap tips then? Of course, as everyone else. This is not dehumanizing them. asian handicap tips I know however that you should not do - soccer picks and he continues calls itself nepiesht alcoholic. modes around the theaters with soccer picks another famous football alcoholic - zhordzh Best, but says he asian handicap picks never voluntarily would not give any advice on how to cope with drinking. - Zhordzh is a very intelligent asian handicap tips man and I do not think anyone can tell him what to do and what not to soccer tips do - says Reeves. - He himself is smart enough to understand what the situation is, I hope the last episode with his involvement was accidental and that it has entered the true path. I would never advise someone how to give up drinking, unless you ask me, and I will only say how I'm done. I can not kazha: You must do this because it all depends on the soccer picks circumstances in which you live. After having battled alcohol, Reeves began to tighten their lives. Gathered with his soccer tips wife and are still together, although not remarried (I suggested, but she politely said: No, I'm so well, he explains). In 1979 he began to write for The Sun and still continues. During the 80's launch of his new career as a soccer riot, formed a 10-year collaboration with the former Liverpool player Ian St zhon. Vamana became soccer picks a television institution - more people today know them as specialists, rather than players. When they were dismissed in asian handicap picks 1992, the news was covered on the front pages of all asian handicap tips newspapers in England. Reeves argues that the dismissal was soccer tips very premature. - I think in St and Reeves had asian handicap picks more bread - is convinced it. - I was frustrated by the way things are going. Producers of the show thought that the presentation soccer picks of football must be more subtle. Reeves with his candid opinions, humor and a huge gray asian handicap picks mustache was unnecessary. Several years he continued as asian handicap picks a commentator for a television channel in Middle England, but there was asian handicap tips nothing and his second career also ended. soccer picks However, it has stopped working, at least he can soccer tips not afford it. - soccer picks Football gave me a better lifestyle, but if you ask me: soccer tips Do you have money? The answer is no. I never won enough to retire asian handicap picks happy - he explains.

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