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And Vasil Bozhkov will win chess

- This is not happening for the first time in history. Previous federation chiefs were bankers and Kamen Toshkov Lyubomir Pavlov. After them came Dr. Michael Iliev, behind whom stood too serious people. Interest in chess is not yesterday. - You are a sociologist, a publisher, father of four children. Probably not have unlimited time. Your own reason is what? - Not too unrealistic to say, but I'll say it. My friends insisted. Very soccer picks long hesitate. Will sound pathetic soccer tips and somewhat implausible, but I think that this country can be a lot cheaper way. Undoubtedly, in Bulgaria most important football is to break - worst ambassador in Europe. For Bulgaria it is crucial to have one if you can two asian handicap tips teams in the Champions League. If our state is smart, she will spend asian handicap tips any number of money to be every day in Europe through sport. See what policy soccer tips the Turks to convince Britons that Turkey is part of Europe after alatasaray and Fenerbahce are out there every day. asian handicap picks Exactly the same must happen to us - at soccer picks least Levski and CSKA to take part in the Champions League. Us virtually nothing we need a policy. By asian handicap tips the way you do a soccer tips serious interview? - Absolutely seriously. - I will give you an example from quite different times. Once had a huge problem with R. It was soccer tips a piece of land occupied by Erman in Russia asian handicap tips and the world treats it so for some time. - A, P was the country that almost no recognition. But it invests in sport. - Exactly - Q samples through sport in the world public asian handicap tips opinion. Not a man to asian handicap picks watch on television every day somewhere on how raise the flag of the Republic, howplay the anthem and then tell him that this country asian handicap tips does not exist. What does not exist? I saw her yesterday. We must learn from asian handicap tips this experience, although the conditions today are quite different. Do not compare, Bulgaria has a legitimate party. But either way the sport is the cheapest way to thou be found asian handicap tips a world event. What else? Our songs are not international, pop music giant is investing money - it also does not work. Got me thinking, right? And of all sports soccer picks is the cheapest chess. You just need to asian handicap tips find a smart guy and teach him to play. - Is there another reason that made you run for president? - Chess is the easiest way to deny someone of the drug. There is a huge amount of drunken players. soccer tips But none junkie. So we need to asian handicap tips do Shah optional subject in school. Why not? Why do children learn asian handicap tips useless formulas of aldehydes and ketones, but not to play chess, which is a combination of intellect and will. It is also interesting. There is another. asian handicap picks Chess can help a lot of Roma. They play amazingly well. Five soccer tips percent of them to light, so we rescued them. We decided that because all these things worth the effort to do. That was the reason to listen to my friends and run asian handicap picks for president of federation. - Who announced his kadidaturata first - you or Mr Bozhkov? - I. Prior want to tell you, however, that asian handicap tips any of us to win, chess will not lose. Even this draw, which concluded on returning-election meeting is also useful - attract attention, create interest. Did not offend, if the delegates did not choose me. Bozhkov is also soccer picks a good candidate and will help the Shah, securityI n. But I can not give up because my friends asian handicap picks will think that I was afraid. - We are talking a lot about your friends, but not mentioning names ... - Jump, I say. I have set the following conditions: first, all former presidents are on the board. soccer tips Moreover, one of them - Toshkov Kamen is chief of staff of my rival. I have nothing against it to asian handicap picks play most strongly Bozhkov, but if by chance I win, I came to my team. And he agreed not to tell me You're bad, you bastard, you're such onakova. This makes the situation interesting and proves that the success of chess is secure. - Newspapers reflected broad-returning Assembly election on 31 January. Almost everywhere Raichev and titles were made Bozhkov draw, Bozhkov - Raichev 31:31. Unofficially, however, suggests that this is actually a clash between lobalna Bulgaria in the face of Tsvetelina of JI and soccer picks Bank boss Alex Overgaz onchev that are on your staff, and secondly biznesklub Renaissance, whose president is Vasil Bozhkov. Is this correct soccer picks representation of things? - I do not think. Alex and Tzvetelina asian handicap picks lobalna in Bulgaria, but Lubo Pavlov, who is also my staff, is neither one place nor the other soccer picks and has soccer picks good relations with everyone. Nor Bozhkov said this soccer picks revival would make asian handicap picks it And I asian handicap picks do not think they need soccer picks a revival to his tackle. Do not get it so the things that is a coincidence - you are in what relations with Vassil Bozhkov? I understand that you are offering it party check? - Moreover - he agreed, although I do not play for years with people with computers only. Furthermore, I am not a strong player, good bridzhyor am. But we'll see what happens. Otherwise, before BoIAB announce that it will run, I asked him to help with money. Then he told me that the President will apply. soccer tips But I do not for a moment I hesitated whether soccer tips to continue because it's a game. avam realize that Vasil Bozhkov is a very serious businessman, I'm fine. The situation is like the story of a football match between Ireland and England. England captain gritted his opponent's hand and said: I hope to beat a strong soccer tips and Irishman replied: I hope not. - As a member of the board you are in any way and are now part of the leadership of the federation. - Where before 2 years gave consent to be something soccer tips I accepted soccer tips as an advisor to Dr. Michael Iliev on the image. I soccer picks think it worked well. - Reporting-election meeting Dr. asian handicap picks Mihail Iliev said he left the soccer picks federation with 100 000 leva soccer tips obligations. Do you know how this debt was accumulated? - Some of them are at the bank. - N so far as I know, the federation owes BGN 30 000, First Investment Bank. - Yeah, the rest are asian handicap picks over unpaid bonuses and things like that. This does not have much money. Misho Iliev saw the federation in a similar situation. In soccer tips any case he has not worsened the financial situation of soccer picks the federation, on the contrary - it has improved slightly. - But is it true that in the Federation there has been no revision in 1989? - Not a legal audit. - Are there accounts of European Women's Championship, held in Varna last year? - I am not familiar with this, I can not answer. - How would you define the basic problem of the Bulgarian chess, only the money you touch things? - More serious is that elite Bulgarian chess soccer tips does not play for Bulgaria. - I want toask why it was paradox Bulgarian Kiril soccer tips eorgiev to play for Macedonia? - I would not call asian handicap picks it that. Anyone looking for a way to soccer picks fix, chess soccer picks is an individual sport. There soccer picks are loads of great GMs who are received by Cyril eorgiev. asian handicap picks The point is that now it has ground to end. soccer picks rosmaystor eorgiev even agree to participate in the governance of the federation, if you choose, of course. This is comprehensible. One, by becoming a world-class player receives other options. Our players do not play well you abroad? Some of you angry, Hristo asian handicap picks Stoichkov, going in Barcelona? - But Stoichkov went to Barcelona, not asian handicap picks in Vardar (Skopje). What gave Macedonia Kiril eorgiev? - Money that our could not provide. And I understand completely. asian handicap tips We must find a way to get back in the national team and eorgiev grandmaster Veselin Topalov, and not offend them. - From the time of Fischer and Spassky game ever soccer picks be commercialized. Why chess generally has money, but not in the Bulgarian Federation? - Chess is not football and not their own resources to implement. Always someone asian handicap picks to help. It is true that the game be commercialized, but soccer picks it happened during the Cold War with political money. asian handicap picks Put them both systems - the Soviet and American was a matter asian handicap picks of prestige which will broadcast the world chess champion - the cleverest man in the world. - Agree however, the asian handicap tips bipolar model no longer exists, but that asian handicap picks does not affect the financing of the chess world. - but because the place of political money laundering came normal. It's enter the game. soccer tips In other sports is not it? - Yes, butto me noticed that other federations with problems, asian handicap tips but in Bulgaria there are many such, can not find asian handicap tips a presidential candidate. A BF Chess is a battle. Why is that? - It certainly has prestige. I do not want to offend other sports, but chess is one asian handicap picks of its key quirks of asian handicap picks humanity. World chess champion could meet with everyone - from Putin to Bush in the Chinese prime minister. soccer tips And nobody soccer tips will be surprised, because chess soccer tips is a recognized spiritual home. - If we admit that the asian handicap picks battle to lose the presidential chair in the middle of March, you will participate in the Board of Vasil Bozhkov? - He offered me, but disagreed on symmetrical and therefore refused soccer tips the proposal. Apparently Bozhkov seen only as President and I understand.

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