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Savichevich: Stoichkov is the largest in the Balkans

- Match with Bulgaria is only a week before our crucial qualifier against Wales. Naturally the result against you is irrelevant, but a dress rehearsal for the April 2, when in Belgrade will accept the leader in our group. We are glad asian handicap picks that the Bulgarians accepted our invitation. As asian handicap tips you know, we had to play soccer picks with Australia. Everything was arranged, but a asian handicap tips month ago they sent a fax, which gave control. - Why did you choose our team for a rival? - We had several options, but the Bulgarians were perfect. You also do not asian handicap tips rival for that date. arzhahte to visit, we do not we host. Interests of both teams match. Very important role played asian handicap tips and the traditionally good relations between the two federetsii. Ivan Vutsov knows perfectly soccer picks Serbian football and football people in this country. Merit to asian handicap tips any game is great. - Is not it dangerous to play matches in Serbia following the assassination of Prime Minister Zoran zhindzhich? - No. From this tragic event last asian handicap tips time. If there is soccer picks any soccer picks tension, it is in Belgrade and Krusevac is situated about 200 km from soccer tips our capital. After the murder has intensified security measures have asian handicap tips been arrested many people and many were made out. Ordinary people, however, nothing to asian handicap tips worry about. Fear remains soccer tips for soccer tips those who are involved in black cases. - Do you have experience with the Bulgarian team? - I know of no better individual players and the team's game in detail. Which football guy does not know that when you are on the rise. Achieved three victories in their group and this is sufficient proof of class and ambition of the team and coach. Moreover, the successes are not just wins against some teams, but against the forcessuch as Croatia and Belgium. That's why I'm pleased that will compete against you. soccer picks On 2 April we have a match against Wales. They are asian handicap picks leaders in our group, you do you're in your first, so are similar to Welsh. This is supervazmozhnost for us. - Do you know the Serbs in soccer tips the national team of Bulgaria? - I know Plamen Markov cry regularly Zagorchich, Pazhin and Jankovic. I've heard very good things about them. I know well, however, only game Predrag Pazhin. Once they fell into the first asian handicap picks team of your country, you are really classy. - Will Bulgaria and Serbia to qualify for Euro 2004 in Portugal? - Only God can say that. - Still what do you think? - I can only to hope and believe. My soccer picks hopes are two teams to detect in Portugal. To us asian handicap picks we will be very difficult. asian handicap picks In soccer picks modern football surprises became common and estimates are relative. I'll give you an example - we were soccer tips drawn as guests of Italy, but then did the same on soccer picks their own terrain, and against it Azerbaydzhan. Just this soccer tips match, played in my asian handicap tips hometown soccer tips of Podgorica, is my biggest pain as national coach asian handicap picks o time they have played four games in which they won only point. And asian handicap tips she is just against us. We made many omissions that deprive us of victory. - Is there a scandal involving one of the stars soccer picks of the team Matthew Kezman? - Not scandal, but it will asian handicap picks not be in the national team some time. This is not mine, and his decision. soccer tips He spoke with the President of our federation soccer picks raga asian handicap picks Stojkovic, and then with me. He told us soccer picks he wanted to rest and soccer picks focus soccer tips on their performances in Eindhoven. I soccer picks can not agree with his desire. Can notdrive to force anyone to play in the team. Matthew asian handicap tips has his opinion. You disappoint me, however, something else. After the match with Azerbaydzhan Kezman, along with Milosevic, Stankovic and Lazetich, took asian handicap picks flight from Podgorica to asian handicap tips Belgrade asian handicap picks one hour before the team. I was not warned about this. They knew well that there are certain obligatory dinner for all. A asian handicap tips question my conversation with these guys. - How long are considering the proposal to become soccer picks coach of the national team? - I'm counting the days, but decided it's worth to try if I can help. I know is excellent with our president raga Stojkovic. It is understood by soccer picks players on the pitch. I believed soccer picks and still believe that we can do the same outside. It has been a huge challenge to asian handicap picks take on soccer picks the team. Not many people start their career from this level. I had the soccer tips opportunity soccer picks months after they stripped the team to be in touch line. - What effect will be achieved with total rejuvenation in the Serbian Football Association? You are 36 years soccer tips and president of the Raga Stojkovic 37. - If we do, then we believe we soccer picks can achieve something. All asian handicap tips work for this, whether we are young or old. Me and ragga Stojkovic until recently we had asian handicap tips problems players and the players are still very close with us soccer tips some of the guys in the current team even if we played together. I think those who voted for us did so because they believe that young people are more open minded, more radical and open to change and make decisions. - What kind of coach are you? - One that wants the team him to win. I'm still at the beginning asian handicap tips of his career and has a lot to learn. But I try to applywhat asian handicap picks I saw as a player because I had the opportunity to work with big names soccer tips in the coaching profession. I soccer picks try to rely on your wits. I, however, each man showing emotions in certain situations. I can not say that asian handicap tips I prefer a certain style of soccer tips play, since tactics are chosen according to the opponent. - Who is your three all-time in soccer tips the world and the Balkans? - This is a very difficult question. I am of the opinion that such general rankings can not be made. Every time has its stars. Football is soccer tips changing over the years and it soccer picks also makes soccer tips players from different generations incomparable. For example, for me № 1 of the 80's and early 90's was iego Maradona. Now he put all over Ronaldo. I however do any parallels between the two. I can only compare asian handicap tips Maradona and Ronaldo with other players of their time. As for the Balkans, it is definitely more than any other place soccer tips Hristo Stoichkov. He has asian handicap tips remarkable vigor, which can be an example to all. - Do you have direct experience of it? - A. We played against each other to win the European Cup in 1994 I was in asian handicap picks Milan, and he was in Barcelona. To my delight we won with 4:0 and I scored the third goal himself. asian handicap picks Both played 90 minutes. Stoichkov had a chance to score, but it did not make it weaker player. At that time he was one of the biggest names in world football and I am sure that Barcelona fans will asian handicap tips always remember him and love him. - And what memories you have of London? - Controversial but generally the capital of Bulgaria not bring happiness to Red Star. We soccer picks played two games there in 1992 because there was a ban on intertional meetings in the territory of asian handicap picks Yugoslavia. First we Panathinaikos, then fell from Sampdoria. I do not know if asian handicap picks we were hosting our soccer tips their stadium in Belgrade, maybe things would occur otherwise. Interestingly, if we went ahead in the final we would play asian handicap tips against Barcelona after two years I asian handicap picks still got a chance to face the Spaniards asian handicap picks in the same tournament, but now as a player of AC Milan. Already told you about this game. - Mentioned for the European championship with the Italian team. Can you make a parallel between it and asian handicap picks the one with the Red Star of 1991? - No. Both titles are my very dear. Each is asian handicap picks valuable in itself and because of different things. First, the star was really sweet. This was an incredible success for club football in Yugoslavia. We achieved something unthinkable before. On his way asian handicap tips removed the team like Bayern (Munich) and the final beat Olympique (Marseille), who at that time was really very strong. I will never forget the euphoria in welcoming us in Belgrade. The second title was won even in the company of some of soccer picks the best players at that time. AC Milan had a chance to play with really big names. - What do you think about Lyupko Petrovic? - He is the man who inspired the star to triumph in 1991 and therefore the fans, and all who were part of that team will His worship. And it really is a great coach. I know that he worked in Bulgaria, where he also has achieved success. - You were part of Milan in its strongest years. What do you think about this team? - This year, Milan is on the rise. Started to play effectively, has good players, but nevertheless I think it will stnot the champion of Italy. I'll always be AC Milan, but I think the first place will be Juventus. soccer tips The championship Milan is not presented very soccer picks convincingly, but not the way things are in the Champions League. There play better. asian handicap picks Borussia loss in the last soccer picks game of the second group should not be mistaken. They asian handicap picks had already qualified, about their heavy league match against Juventus. At such times, motivation is difficult. - What do the Bulgarians and Serbs? - Looks like a lot - and people, and football. We have similar temperaments, warm and open people are. Some time ago perhaps artificially sought to soccer picks divide us, but we are close neighbors and get along well. In football, even Serbs and Bulgarians have shown that the Balkans can be born great players.

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