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John Henry: Liverpool is my 

John Henry: Liverpool is my


The owner of a U.S. company New England Sports Ventures "(NESV) - John Henry is confident he will win the battle for power in Liverpool today and will officially close the deal for the sale of British grand.

However confident the billionaire, the fate of the Reds from Anfield is still dependent on court. After two unsuccessful attempts of the current owners Hicks and Gillett to thwart the sale, yet another case today between the two countries, which this time will be held on U.S. territory - in Dallas.

After completion of the second case, which was the Supreme Court of the UK yesterday, David Chivars, which is part of the leadership of NESV said: "New Yingland is the new owner of Liverpool. Original owners from the grave trying to strangle our company. "

Today is the deadline for repayment of debt of Hicks and Gillett to "Royal Bank of Scotland in excess of 200 million pounds. If this does not happen to these loans will still be accumulated huge sums, but the club will be threatened by the administration.

However, if the earlier Texas court again ruled in favor of Liverpool, the repayment terms of loans may be extended.

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