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Fans of Star Rampage in Genoa to harm the boss of the Serbian Federation 

Fans of Star Rampage in Genoa to harm the boss of the Serbian Federation


Rage of Serb fans evrokvalifikatsiyata with Italy were organized and orchestrated by fans of Red Star to harm the president of the football federation Tomislav Karadzic.

Four-five people control the radical section of the fans of Red Star. They created this scenario and were the main culprits of the incidents of Maras stadium in Genoa, said a representative of the fan club of zvezdashite of anonymity.

In general, fans of Red Star do not like Karadzic and are literally at war with him as a former president of the eternal enemy Partizan Belgrade. Therefore, it is often subject to abuse in their tracks.

Now in view of fans turned goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic and who left Red Star in 2006 and also played for several European clubs before returning this summer in the blood enemy Partizan. They booed him in the cruel loss of Estonia (1:3) in the previous evrokvalifikatsiya and attacked him mentally and physically before the game against Italy and forced him to refuse to stand at the door.

Stojkovic, however, will keep Partizan in the game with the league Smederevo of the country tonight and in the Champions League as a guest of Braga on Tuesday.

It is interesting what can happen in the upcoming on October 23 derby between the eternal rivals Red Star and Partizan Belgrade. There is a very high probability match to be postponed because hooliganism passions have not yet quiet.

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