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Robinho: I want to score on Bernabeu 

Robinho: I want to score on Bernabeu


Former Real Madrid player Robinho wants more than anything to score a goal at the Santiago Bernabeu, now with AC Milan team. The Brazilian, who left Madrid in 2008 to sign with Manchester City, returned for the first time on the field the team that fired him for the big football.
After Robinho's career in the Premier League not potragna the desired level, now he is eager to show in Milan. "I would like to specifying the Champions League against my former team, Real Madrid," he said in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport.
A little unusual, however, Robinho added: "I do not mind not score as long as the team continues to win matches. So I hope people do not expect me loads of hits. It is important to scoring, but I can hold out. "
"Challenges such as those to play at the Bernabeu is something that actually play and those games give us strength," Robinho completed.

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