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Bursaspor only with a cross against a novice 

Bursaspor only with a cross against a novice


Bursaspor recording only draw 2:2 against newcomer in the Turkish Super League Karabyukspor before 18,000 people at home. Dimitar Ivankov as always was in the door frame for the champions, and was even listed as an assistant for the second goal.
However, this is the second consecutive tie for Bursa, once the team was winning streak from April to October. Nevertheless, the team remains firmly Ivankov leader, and nobody can replace him in the eighth round of the first place. Karabyuk also makes impressive debut in the elite, and ranks fourth in the standings.
Both hits on Bursaspor realized Turgay Bahadir, the first of them still in the 10th minute. 13 minutes later Ivankov sent a ball in the opponent's penalty area, and again Bahadir noted after the error on remand Tomic.
Before that, however, in the 13th minute that same Bahadir make his own penalty Pena, Florin Chernat and was adjusted for 1:1. Bursa still pulled by 2:1 in the 23rd minute, but this did not last very long.
In the 34th Karabyukspor still tied, and he was top scorer - black, which, however, later was injured and left more positive in the first half.
After the break the battle was much more tense, and situations - much less. So after the first 45 minutes fell four goals in the second two panels failed to score more, and were content only with a cross.

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