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Hodgson welcomes new owners 

Hodgson welcomes new owners


Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson welcomed the club's purchase by the company New England Sports Ventures, acknowledging that it is relieved to see that "hard times are coming to an end."
The Reds confirmed that they were purchased by NESV, after Tom Hicks and George Gillett have lost their battle to stop the sale. But they said they would sue the club for over a billion dollars in damages because the sale was "illegal".
However, Hodgson was pleased with the change of the owner and said: "The situation is very positive, this is a very good day for the club, a day that everyone at the club would welcome, including new owners.
"Relief is, were very difficult last week. This long court fight and the name of Liverpool is in the spotlight for negative reasons were bad times for the club. I had to experience them, but the marketing is very good news for us before the game us with Everton at the weekend, "continued the expert. Hodgson has spoken with the leader of NESV John Henry on the phone, but did not become a word to his position at the club or how much money will have to transfer if the sale is made.
"It talked about my position in the team. He called me and his message was that he hoped the deal to make that many wanted to become the new owner that wants to work with me, but not talked about investments," concluded former mentor Fulham.

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