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Serbia blamed the Italians for the incident, wants replay 

Serbia blamed the Italians for the incident, wants replay


President of the Serbian Football Association Tomislav Karadzic accused the Italian Football Federation for accidents qualifying match for Euro 2012 in Genoa, which was terminated.
"The first conclusion is that the Italian federation is responsible for organizing the match. We had information that the fans prepare provocations and informed UEFA and, of course, the Italian federation, told a press conference today Tomislav Karadzic and presented to the press report of the person responsible for security the Serbian Football Association.
Karadzic said the Serbian Football Association wants the match with Italy to be replayed and that on 18 October will be the headquarters of UEFA, to plead the cause of Serbian national team.
"We will meet you personally and UEFA president Michel Platini with all the details," said Karadzic, adding that "there is too much optimistic about the outcome of this meeting."
On October 28 of the UEFA disciplinary committee will be meeting which will discuss possible penalties against the Serbian Football Association, but the Italian Federation as an organizer of interrupted qualifying match for Euro 2012 Italy - Serbia.
At the same press conference Tomislav Karadzic said that he and the union are to conduct the derby Serbian football championship Red Star - Partizan stadium of Red Star, although the expected new clashes between fans of two great rivals.

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