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Champion Lil surprised at home by Montpellier 

Champion Lil surprised at home by Montpellier


Champion of France Lille is only one point after the second round in Ligue 1 after a surprising retreat home here in Montpellier with a sensational 0-1. In the last game of the second round, Montpellier took a second consecutive victory and shared first place in Toulouse, Caen and St Etienne. Jamais Saihi draw hit, fell in 71 minutes, courtesy of Olivier Giroux, and proved to be quite brave enough for the team score, to reach victory. For Lille unsuccessful start is nothing new, the team will win its first home game for five consecutive seasons. Last year started with four draws, but ended with a championship team. Lil excellent game for the first hour of the meeting, but then allow relaxation in the ranks, and enable to play a proper team of Montpellier to inflict a mortal blow.

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