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In Germany: Raul is close to the transfer to England 

In Germany: Raul is close to the transfer to England


Spanish star Raul Schalke is to move to England, reported newspaper "Bild". It said poor relations between the attacker and the new coach Ralph Rangnik are based on his desire to go to the island.
In previous coach Felix Magath Raul received complete freedom of action in the field until now Rangnik wants him to help the team in all phases of the game. The Spaniard showed his displeasure by refusing his place in the Council formed the team. In goal against Cologne hand instead izradva, Raul remained stony-expression.
According to the "Build" Blackburn Rovers have a serious interest in the Spaniard and Indian club owners necessarily want to attract before the transfer window.
Former teammate at Real Madrid Raul Michel Salgado, who plays for Blackburn, also has undertaken the task to convince his friend to go in the Rovers.

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