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Barcelona chief: We did the money 

Barcelona chief: We did the money


Director of the Barcelona Subisareta Andoni said the team has done the money to attract new players and new signings over the summer there will be.

Evroshampionite today finalized the purchase of Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal, which is about 29 million euros, which can grow to 39 million since the deal has set two more bonus of 5 million, which can be trapped in the frame of Londoners if Cesc reach certain achievements of the Barcelona team.

Earlier in the summer and Barca have made another "buy the fat" and took from Udinese Alexis Sanchez for alleged 26 million euros plus 11.5 million in the form of bonuses paid for achieving certain conditions.

Thus, from the safe at Camp Nou sure took 55 million euros and 21.5 million more are about to be paid if Fabregas and Sanchez succeed wine with blue-shirt.

"We do not need more players, even Transfer market is still open. As it is, and done without money for new players, "said Subisareta which sank in the summer for two players already mentioned a possible total amount of € 76,500,000, as occurs if the bonuses are included in the bill.

In last night's match for the Spanish Super Cup to see that Barcelona has problems in defense, Puyol and Pique when you are injured, but Josep Guardiola is likely to do without new additions to the defense.

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