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Benzema revealed how Mourinho insulted him 

Benzema revealed how Mourinho insulted him


Real Madrid`s central striker Karim Benzema went back in time, recalling Jose Mourinho`s lead at Los Blancos. The French shooter did not conceal that he felt affected by the Special Speech, after which his attitude changed. If you do not have a dog to go hunting, and you only have a cat, then you go hunting with the cat. You will catch less, but you will still catch something, `said the Portuguese, criticizing Karim`s statements.

We have always had a good relationship, but after that statement appeared opinions and positions that were not necessarily well-intentioned. I had my opinion, which made Mourinho laugh. I told him what I had to tell him. Our conversation lasted about an hour. From that moment on there were no dogs, no cats or anything. I`m tight, but if you challenge me, I can be straight, Karim told Canal +.

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