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Paolo Canavaro: Mummies run Italian football 

Paolo Canavaro: Mummies run Italian football


Sassuolo`s defender Paolo Cannavaro has sharply criticized the leadership of Italian football following the failure of the `Azzurri` in world qualifications. Italy defeated the barrage with Sweden and for the first time since 1958 will not participate in the World Cup. `We did not lose the world championship today, we lost 15 years ago when the indiscriminate pouring of money in football began, and Italy fell out of all spheres, and our boys` seats were cool, we gave the glory to others thanks to the Italian coaches who areremain the best in the world, and I hope we hit the bottom and finally we will reform our soccer game, farewell to the mummies that control the Italian football and the way for the youngsters, leave the road, thank you, `wrote Fabio`s brotherCannavaro in Instagram.

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