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West Ham get the keys to Olympic Stadium 

West Ham get the keys to Olympic Stadium


West Ham beat Tottenham in the race to obtain the Olympic Stadium in London after it was reported that the preferred tender is that the Hammers. Olympic legacy company facilities in the Games in 2012 said in a press conference that West Ham have won the right to move the stadium after the Olympics in 2012. According to the company, they met the criteria more than Tottenham. The decision comes after 14 members of the company held a special meeting on Friday where he discussed the future of the stadium. However that decision must be ratified by two government agencies and the Mayor of London and is expected to happen next week. West Ham and Tottenham were a major war because of the stadium over the past few months to get a stadium with a capacity of 80 000. However, Tottenham had the intention to reduce this capacity to 60,000 and to remove the racetrack, which probably proved decisive victory for West Ham.

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