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Ancelotti: No more hopes for the title 

Ancelotti: No more hopes for the title


Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti said his team already thinks finish in the top 4 of the Premiership, given his title in England. 51-year-old Ancelotti led Chelsea to double last season but now is much more difficult. Despite the strong start to the season, the Blues had a tough last few months - led by eight points of Manchester United in October, and now lag 10 behind them. "For us it has become difficult to think that we can come back and fight for the title in the Premier League. The difference is greater, must be honest," said the Italian. "The most important thing is to finish in the top 4 to stay in the Champions League and to fight the other team. It's better for us to think match to match, but fourth place is the minimum," continued Ancelotti. It has encouraged and new signing Fernando Torres, who did not record a good debut at the loss of the Blues "by his former Liverpool team last week. "My goal as coach is to find the best solution for players who have. In this composition Drogba and Torres are fantastic strikers and I will do everything they can they play together," concluded Ancelotti.

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