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Injury may fail to transfer Makriev Wing Sovetov 

Injury may fail to transfer Makriev Wing Sovetov


Injury could spoil the transfer of Bulgarian striker Dimitar Makriev of Ashdod in Israel Russian Wing Sovetov, says the local press. Makriev received trauma to the eye orbit in 2:2 gender in the control of the national team against Estonia on February 9 in Antalya. The striker was injured after elbow from rival close to the eye even in the tenth minute. Despite his injury, Makriev game to end and was the first stumble penalty for Bulgaria. The attacker returned to Israel yesterday and immediately undergo medical tests which showed that there were a fractured bone of the eye orbit. Doctors have not yet assessed whether Makriev will have to operate, but if you need surgery, he will be absent from the game about two months. Earlier in the month Makriev undergo successful weekly samples in the wings Sovetov and Russian club launched negotiations for its attraction.

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