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Giuseppe Rossi is in no hurry to return to Italy 

Giuseppe Rossi is in no hurry to return to Italy


Villarreal striker Giuseppe Rossi said he did not think to return to Italy soon, but explained that would love to play in Serie A in the future.

24-year-old Italian international scored the only goal Wednesday to Skuadra Azzurri 1:1 in equality with Germany in Dortmund in control again and cause interest itself of the Apennines.

"Italy is my second home and I'd like to go back there, but it is not so important for me," said Rossi told La Repubblica.

"Spain, England and Italy have the same level. The important thing is the project. What I want to do is play and win. "

"I feel Italian, even my first language is English. I saw a lot last year. I learned to be responsible off the field, "said Giuseppe Rossi.

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