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Nuremberg continue winning move 

Nuremberg continue winning move


Nuremberg record fourth consecutive victory since prevailed with the classical 3:0 at home against Eintracht Frankfurt in a match of 23 th round of the Bundesliga. The first half was pretty boring and the equal of the established positions to the two goalkeepers. However, in the second half both teams were enacted and guests from Eintracht came first to the goal by Gekas, but he was offside and the goal was not respected. In the 67 th minute with a long stroke Shiyber stuffed Oka Nikolov, who also is guilty of goals because they do not intervene forcefully. Guests rushed in attack to try to even the score, but in 87 th minute after a mistake in the defense of Eintracht ball ended up in the Mac, which Nikolov transfer technique to 2:0. In the last seconds of the match output to Alaska pollack Cohen, a long-shot sent the ball into the bottom left corner of Nikolov final 3:0. With this win, Nuremberg climbed to sixth place in the standings of the Bundesliga with a total of 35 points.

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