Best betting strategy

sport tips

1. Never bet with your whole budjet on single match.

2. Avoid betting on matches with big favorite or odds under 1.30 . Many times this cause big losses for bettors.

3. Avoid betting on your favorite teams.

4. It's better to bet with singles, not combo.

5. We recommend to bet on 2-3 singles instead of only 1. This works as little insurance (it's less possible to lose all bets).

6. It's better to avoid regular 1 X 2 system. Your chance for victory in a long period is 33.33% , for bookies is 66.66% (just mathematics).

7. Use sports forums. You'll be surprised how much information you can find.

8. Follow advices of experienced tipsters and punters.

9. Check out odds before making bet, check out odds movement too.

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