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The match in the Premier League: Former national curse as grandmother and grandson Steve 

The match in the Premier League: Former national curse as grandmother and grandson Steve


Enough even to England scrapper Lee Boyar reiterated for themselves in the typical style napsuva sight of grandmother and grandchild during a Premiership match.

Birmingham City midfielder missed his nerves for the visit of West Bromwich Albion lost to 1:3, when it was replaced in 68 minutes.

Rather than quietly to sit on the bench Bouar embarked in altercation with fan seated near the host Sandra Cox and blatantly called her a **** y *** k and ".

Realized that can bring severe punishment because of uncontrolled behavior, Lee Bouyar requested an apology from the lady after the infamous incident.

Here's what abused said 33-year-old former national footballer monkey: "I was appalled and upset by the language he used. Worse is that these words were spoken before the seven year my grandson. One does not expect to be subject to such offensive behavior by football.

Boyar has repeatedly stated that if it was not scandalous conduct, he would have played many games for England. Some time ago Lee Boyar was even acknowledged that people consider him an animal but denied one.

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