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Titi and Zeljko by official decision: Now every year for evrotitla Pao 

Titi and Zeljko by official decision: Now every year for evrotitla Pao


Extremely pleased with the success of the basketball Euroleague Panathinaikos expressed Titi Papazov. Levski coach for years has been close friends with the Greek champion coach Zeljko Obradovic said emotionally and its success. Pao triumphed in the Euroleague, and Obradovic won the eighth title of the Old Continent.

Titi, who was among the first to congratulate the Serbian specialist after the final in Barcelona, ​​said that it is greeted and more: "I told him three months ago, on Feb. 19, when I said that they will play a final and best to play a quarterfinal against Barcelona and he said - "Oh, first get to the Final Four. Then I told him three times will be in Barcelona, ​​because there are a seminar next month and is now qualified as I said - We're you and Schumacher with seven titles. After a month you will be with eight and above you will only sky. Undoubtedly one comes loaded for a place with positive energy. "

"There was no secret that I was the only person in training of Panathinaikos and knew all that will happen, and how it happens. We are very close and I know that much has helped me to learn. There is no shame to copy largest. At the same time contacts with the kind of person who is hyper-star, something amazing for world standards in basketball, but at the same time is so natural, can not they enjoy. So far there step 2007, 2009 and 2011, and now we have taken a formal decision next year, every year. People should be surprised, can not wait for 2013 and now 2012 in Istanbul - again, "joked Titi Papazov after the success of its over Levski Yambol in Universiada Hall.

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