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Levskarite fields due success over Ghent 

Levskarite fields due success over Ghent


After the historic victory over Levski Belgian Ghent, part of the player's blue meadow success Stolichno popular edition. The most colorful were top scorers in the match - and Zhoazinyo Serzhinyo Greene. Together with the new Dutch signing - Slori, they have demonstrated impressive dance skills of terrain. To the Dutch-Brazilian samba and was added Moroccan flavor after joining the company and Chakib Benzukan. The big machine was missing goals Station Dembele, who was obviously prefer complete rest after the match. Green and Jo are expressed as gentlemen and ladies gave several bloody red roses.

Although they had good reason to complete dissolution, professional players approached to drink, and focus on energy drinks and left the club early - unfortunately a few companies that also celebrated the victory of Levski Sofia in UEFA.

The party in a packed club continued with the hits of Desislava, which again proved to be one of the best Bulgarian singers.
Most greetings were made, however, the president of Lokomotiv (Sofia) - Nikolai Gigov who celebrated his birthday with friends. His celebration was attended by Petya Slavova Dimitar Tsonev Pramova Uliana. Special birthday surprise lay sworn tsesekar Toncho Tokmakchiev who greeted him with song.

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