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Rooney will have to excuse the parents of Colleen 

Rooney will have to excuse the parents of Colleen


Ashampoo Wayne Rooney was commanded by his wife Colleen to apologize to her parents after the shame that she had not picked because of his pohozhdeniya with prostitutes.

Colleen still decide to forgive the striker, but will try in all possible ways to return. Because that Rooney will have to personally go to the parents of Colleen and to ask forgiveness.

"Wayne has already felt the wrath of their parents and now is the time to meet her," said a friend of Colleen. "She said this is one of its conditions to continue their marriage. He would prefer their first ring, but Colleen insists to do it personally.

That's why this week Rooney will attend parents' house to his wife that is in Formbi, Merseyside. That is where Colleen lived for some time, came to light when an attacker pohozhdeniyata.

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