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Arsenal Player of the ordered 14 transvestite prostitutes and 

Arsenal Player of the ordered 14 transvestite prostitutes and


Arsenal star Carlos Vela with his teammates from the national team of Mexico zamesiha a serious scandal when it became apparent that their 15 employing prostitutes, including a transvestite, a powerful party after the game.

Mexican players celebrated success due to 1:0 over Colombia in a control match played last week.

Vela, who scored two goals for Arsenal against Braga in the UEFA Champions League, was filmed with blonde Gemma, which apparently failed to share that transvestite. Photo by Gemma has Fulham defender Carlos Salsido.

Shocking images were published in Mexican sports site that displays photos of Gemma personal site in which "she" has a menu of unconventional sexual services.

Players categorically denied the information and stated that the coupon was indeed their families and friends and planned departure was prohibited because of fears for the safety of players.

"If there is a fine payment, will accept it, but newspapers say we use 15 prostitutes, including a transvestite - and this never happened. I had a few drinks, but just what happened, "said Salsido.

For the private party in Monterrey Mexicans paid "modest" amount of € 1,600. Reportedly, the entire team of Mexico was a party that lasted all night.

It is not known whether any of the players has paid sex with girls, but one of them was spotted leaving the hotel at 6 am with a shirt of Mexico.

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