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Crouch admitted: Abby is pregnant 

Crouch admitted: Abby is pregnant


British national Peter Crouch officially admitted that his girlfriend Abbey Clancy is pregnant. The star of Tottenham however disappointed by the fact that the news was spread by the tabloid Sun.

"Abby told me she was pregnant on July 25 but decided to keep it a secret until the moment that she is ready to share it," said Peter Crouch.

"There were even members of our families who do not know this before from the Sun to make these disclosures," the maypole.

"The article in the Sun newspaper took the opportunity to Clancy to make the news public on her own and when she wants," said Crouch time lawyer.

The news comes just weeks after it became clear that Crouch has cheated on his girlfriend with a prostitute in Spain. Subsequently, however, 24-year-old underwear model forgive their half.

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