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Participation of Euro 2011 with Georgia - a wedding gift for Zaza patchouli 

Participation of Euro 2011 with Georgia - a wedding gift for Zaza patchouli


One can obtain a variety of gifts for their wedding, but obviously you never know what could surprise him life. Among major news during the World Championship in basketball, none was as important as the fact that the European championships in 2011 will expand to 24 teams. The worst continental tournament for national teams will open doors to several countries, among which is Georgia.
Indicative of the importance of this reaction is the captain of the basketball team, a representative of Georgia Zaza patchouli. The day on which it was announced on September 5, the center of patchouli Atlanta Hawks celebrated their wedding in the Georgian church, and many of his teammates in the national team attended the event. His phone rang during the ceremony, but not with another felicitation and to notify him that Georgia will play in EuroBasket 2011. Zaza initially thought a joke with him and had to be convinced that is true.
"After the third time I told him that is true, I heard only the sound of euphoria that occurs," said Secretary of the Georgian Federation Merab Ratishvili. "And it was not only the joy of the players, but all present at the celebration," added Ratishvili. "I heard the car horns are at night and people waving Georgian flags like we become European champions. Headlines in the media did it - Thanks to FIBA Europe, "said another representative of the local plant-Basket.
The news was so important to patchouli and his wife that the next day both departure for Istanbul to personally thank the leadership of GeneralGeneral of the FIBA Europe Nar Zanolin and President Olafur Rafnson.
The country produced some great basketball over the years, was close to the direct ranking during the summer, despite winning five of their eight matches and finished second only to Belgium in Group C, where it was and Bulgaria. The extension means that the first national team from Georgia will play the European Championship in any sport.

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