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In Pernik Miner slaughtered lambs to chase away the bad luck 

In Pernik Miner slaughtered lambs to chase away the bad luck


City Stadium in Pernik, also known as Stadium of Peace, is ready to accept the game of 7-th round hosts between miners and Beroe, said administrative director of yellow and black "Plamen Atanassov.

The club made a pretty major repair in the summer because that minyortsi hosted on neutral ground in Kyustendil.

Commission licensing of BFU today visited the stadium in Pernik and make inspection. Assessment of job is very good with one single note is not yet completed the placement of restrictive curbs that are at the end of the turf and drainage ditches. On one side of the pitch curbs are placed, and by mid-morrow the whole site will be fenced. Miner players of today will make the first occupation of the new turf in Pernik.

Before the game we'll be done ritual to chase away the bad luck that does not leave the miners from the beginning of the season. Two lambs will be slaughtered before today's activity, and with their blood will be anointed the official site of the beams with hope for first win against Beroe autumn this Saturday from 16.00 hours. The evening did the players will gather at the table to eat freshly baked lamb and united team.

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