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Iniesta will be Dad 

Iniesta will be Dad


Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta, who brought the world title in Spain with the only goal in the final against the Netherlands this summer to be a father for the first time. He announced the joyous news to personal page on the Internet.
"Hello everyone should tell you about my future fatherhood," said the footballer in his personal website. He adds that have benefited by his girlfriend Anna from vacation after the World Cup and are conceived baby.
"I just wanted to confirm this news and then announce it publicly," says 26-year-old midfielder. He added that he was disappointed with the way media reproduction of it because it was very ugly.
"This is a very personal matter and methods are used to learn this news, I was very disappointed," added another midfielder to Barcelona without having to enter into details. "Me and my partner do not want this issue to be discussed publicly because this is just for us. "
The media in Spain, however, recall that an unusually large number of babies were born in Barcelona nine months after he scored goals for Chelsea in the Champions League semifinals in 2009 a year. Children born in this period was called by journalists' offspring Iniesta.

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