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Turkish Brad Pitt returned to the old love - basketball 

Turkish Brad Pitt returned to the old love - basketball


Turkish Kavanch Tatlatu actor, better known in Bulgaria as Mehmed the popular TV series "Pearl," stole a little attention from the fans during the World Cup final in basketball.

Kavanch which is extremely popular at home, sat in the front row among the other VIPs and supported Turkey's fight against the U.S.. The actor, also called the Turkish-Pitt, a former basketball player and although currently manifests itself as an actor and model, apparently has kept its sports bias. Special displays for the media often does throughout the tournament was repeated glossy advertising local favorite part of the female population.

Tatlatu was discovered fairly quickly and the female half of the audience in the hall "Sinan Erdem, some even took advantage of the break at halftime to snap a souvenir with a charming actor. Read news from the world championship in basketball in cooperation with bwin.

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