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Gong shot tempted between Carlos Moya and young Bulgarian 

Gong shot tempted between Carlos Moya and young Bulgarian


was the only media that was allowed to set, which Carlos Moya without racket in hand wild. Former № 1 in the world men's tennis was the first known man who chose Bulgaria and Sofia in particular for shooting location of the advertisement to be broadcast around the world. Not only is the birth place and Plovdiv root, but the team, and director, and the idea, and his partner.
Tennis player with a stylish suit in a few hours into the role of a man tempted by the devil woman. Ani Angelova, which is only 16 years old amateur model and an excellent student in high school English in the hills, to portray the woman-vamp that fascinates, but is enthralled by the sexy Spaniard. Producer of the video is the president of the company Kamko Hristo Dramov, a screenwriter and director - Bob Tornev.
The 30-second spot that will be broadcast on four continents, is mine alone when deliver its message, then, however, is attracted to a woman-vamp girl that sits in red chair, she says she wants his soul because he is the Devil becomes, enchants him, hugging him, smell his neck, as the flavor captured in January, but remains disappointed - mine declared: "No way. Just everything is in perfume - My soul, My touch, My game! ".
To my girl to the advertising of his latest perfume, Annie became a brunette than blonde. Part of her hair had turned into mini-horns, raised red lenses of her eyes, which are in line with bright red lipstick, and also temporarily put her darn incisor teeth. Her clothing was also challenging - sexy lace stockings, killer boots and a black corset.

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