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Superman sue his wife for half a million 

Superman sue his wife for half a million


The Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard, aka Superman, judge your child's mother Royce Reed said the biggest overseas gossip site TMZ. The edition published documents that the lawyers of Howard submitted in court. According to them, basketball is tired to hear lies about themselves in a national broadcast, as recorded at least 11 times that Royce Reed slander him on TV.
Lady involved in the show on VH1 "Basketball Wives" and say there could be uttered by many pikanterii privacy Howard.
According to lawyers Dwight if things told by Reed had reached 1 million, the amount by which it must compensate, and at least $ 500 million. Their colleagues to protect Royce Reed, however, claim that it will not be paid a penny since "leaked" made public, as appearing in many documents linking the two.
It is clear that Dwight Howard has a right to protect his privacy, but is unlikely to obtain the requested amount ... which obviously will not and need.

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