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PHOTOS: Two ex-athletes are released in American Dancing Stars 

PHOTOS: Two ex-athletes are released in American Dancing Stars


Two former athletes will compete in the Autumn edition of the U.S. dance show Dancing with the Stars, known in Bulgaria as the only Dancing Stars. Ex-star of the National Basketball Association Rick Fox, now an actor and former quarterback of the National Football League Kurt Warner are among 12 popular persons in the coming weeks will show their dance skills.
Former boyfriend of Mrs Ashley Cole Cheryl - Derek Howe - we'll be one of the dancers in the competition. Singer Michael Bolton and actor David Hasselhoff are from other celebrities in Dancing with the Stars. Chances of Rick Fox (below) seem particularly serious, given its pleyboyski talents and presence as a partner Cheryl Burke - two-time champion in Dancing with the Stars. Last year she again had a couple in sports - Chad Ochosinko footballer, who was a semi-final.
Partner Kurt Warner (below) also has experience with athletes - last year she danced with Olympic figure skating champion Evan Lisachek with whom he finished second.
Dancing with the Stars Fall 2010 in the U.S. started tonight and will last 11 weeks. Michael Bolton Derek Howe

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