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Colleen knees: I can without Wayne 

Colleen knees: I can without Wayne


The wife of Wayne Rooney - Coleen will probably forgive for cheating on their mate, claiming the media in Britain today.

Yesterday both Rooney and Coleen met for the first time since it became clear that the footballer has cheated on his wife with a prostitute while she was pregnant with their first son Kai.

They spent five hours together at his home before Colleen again to return to her parents, where he lives in the last week.

A close friend of Colleen told Journal News of the World, she will forgive her husband's fling, but not yet ready to spend the night with him.

"Colleen spoke with him by phone. It was very cold and angry with him. After the close dropped to his knees and began to cry. She is angry and upset, but still loves him too much. Colleen is not married to Rooney for cash or fame, "said the source of the publication.

"She married for love. Colleen told me: "We hate it, but deep inside I know that I love him and he is the man that should be." She does not want to be without it. "

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