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Idiotic hair was the recipe for success in the U.S. 

Idiotic hair was the recipe for success in the U.S.


Absurd style of Kevin Love, created not by one but by his teammate in the U.S. national team Lamar Odam, was reason for the success of the Americans. Today they finished on the World Cup finals in basketball for the first time in 16 years, and according to Love, it is the mark of his head was out of luck.
Kevin, who changed his appearance after the first leg of U.S. World Cup, when maintained long shaved his beard, believes that his new haircut is pretty nice, although as a result of "nedorauzmenie.
Love initially evasive answer the question, which it professed: "No ... Russell Uestbruuk will give you a hint ... It is one of our centers," which showed that it is the Lamar Odam. "Originally it was just a little, but I decided that we should continue the line all the way."
On leaving the mix zone, Love flew in his "executioner" Odam, and his whispered "I told them to know! Odam, however, denied himself, laughing - "Oh, I like his style. I think the barber near our hotel he made it. " GHT: 0px; PADDING-TOP: 0px "face =" "> Read the news from the world championship in basketball in cooperation with bwin.

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