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In Stara Zagora launches battle for the title of Kamenica FENkupa 2010 

In Stara Zagora launches battle for the title of Kamenica FENkupa 2010


Today in Stara Zagora has started the most contested stage of Kamenica FENkupa 2010 - The finals of the tournament. This weekend the Stadium Beroe - artificial terrain 24 teams from across the country will play the last, crucial games. One will become a National Champion and scoop the Grand Prix Tournament - visit the most attractive Derby Barcelona - Real Madrid Madrid emblematic stadium Camp Nou.

The final of the eighth edition of Kamenica FENkupa 2010 began with an official opening ceremony of the games from the last tournament of rights this year. Guests were the mayor of Stara Zagora Prof. Svetlin Tanchev, General Director of JSC Kamenica Dragan Radivojevic and club legend FC Beroe Petko Petkov. Leading the ceremony were the popular votes of Darik Radio - Tomislav Roussev, Michael Dyuzev, Ivo Raychev and Irina Ruseva.

All participants took part in the opening downloading lots of meetings of the 24 finalist teams.

This year's title race will be even more challenging because of two larger number of teams participating in the final. Change in regulation of the eighth edition of Kamenica in 2010 FENkupa empower and second ranked teams in the regional zonal rounds to fight for the championship with teams occupied the first place.

In the final stage of Kamenica FENkupa 2010 involved 24 teams from Sofia, Blagoevgrad, Plovdiv, Dimitrovgrad, Shoumen, Bourgas, station, Sevlievo, Montana, Rousse, Pleven, Troyan and Stara Zagora.

The final match, which will buildfir the new National Champion, will start at 13.00 in the Sunday, September 12.

With an hour earlier, at 12.00, and will play the traditional Kamenica FENkupa friendly exhibition match in 2010 in which representatives of the media and organizers of Kamenica AD.

Additional incentive and passion to win for participants in the finals of Kamenica FENkupa and 2010 is full of professional equipment adidas, in which they play in the Champions Cup. The global brand partner of FIFA and UEFA, this year is part of the atmosphere and spirit and Kamenica FENkupa 2010 and provided to participants in the final shoes, sheets, socks, shorts and jersey of the highest class mark.

Partner Kamenica FENkupa 2010 is and the Bulgarian Olympic Committee, a slogan that motivates players to make the best of themselves on the road to victory is: "Play for football, the victory for the team.

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