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Cheryl Cole Coleen relaxes by SMS-s 

Cheryl Cole Coleen relaxes by SMS-s


Cheryl Cole Coleen Rooney is supported by a message telling her: "Stay strong.

The singer already has undergone a similar history and divorce Ashley Cole sent a SMS-s this week after revelations about Wayne Rooney, who has slept with a prostitute on several occasions while Colleen was pregnant.

Colleen remained very much touched by the gesture of Cheryl and to tell friends and family that support it means a lot.

Close to its source revealed: "Cheryl and Colleen are close friends and I write and hear regularly, although they live far apart.

"The last SMS to Cheryl was very short, but it showed that his thoughts and Colleen understands what goes through. Colleen was really pleased and showed it to several friends. Nobody understands better than Cheryl, what is in this situation.

"She did not offer some advice, what should be done Colleen, she just wanted it to feel less lonely," said the source.

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