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Tennis match led to a rebellion in an English prison 

Tennis match led to a rebellion in an English prison


Brilliant game of Russian tennis player Vera Zvonareva lead to genuine revolt in the prison for young offenders near Rochester. This was announced today by British law enforcement authorities after a hearing in Kent.

According to eyewitnesses, prison near Rochester real rout began after guards are not allowed for young inmates to watch the end of June quarter-final match of the Wimbledon women between Vera Zvonareva and Belgian tennis player Kim Clijsters.

Over 30 young inmates had begun to hit the windows of the prison, breaking furniture and throwing them at the guards. Damage in the most modest estimates, over 10,000 liras. The situation in the prison was controlled only after the arrival of a special police unit.

Revealing the initiators of the rebellion, the police said that "young people were excited by Wimbledon and the World Cup and want to see maximum sports programs on television. The prohibition to watch the match of your favorite tennis players of the young prisoners - Zvonareva and Clijsters, became the last drop: they literally are enraged and started breaking everything in succession.

The originators of defeat - 18-year-old Charlie Ekharst 18-year-old Rhys Blekstoun and another unnamed 17-year criminal charges are brought bezporyadatsi provoking.

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