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Colleen received apologies from the parents of the prostitute, slept with Rooney 

Colleen received apologies from the parents of the prostitute, slept with Rooney


Parents of the prostitute, which allegedly slept with the star of Manchester United and England, Wayne Rooney, they brought their apology to the footballer's wife - Colleen.

Hamish and Dana Tomspan spoke for the first time after it became clear that their daughter Jennifer slept regularly with Rooney, while his wife Colleen was pregnant with their first son Kai.

"After various information that appeared in the media concerning our daughter Jennifer, we would like to present our sincere apologies to Colleen Rooney and her family," it said in a special report distributed by the parents of Jennifer.

"Maybe it will sound silly, but my wife and I will never forgive what has happened or could happen. We have no idea about these accusations and allegations that have arisen. "

"Jennifer is our daughter and we love it. We can handle a difficult situation as a family and not through the media. We also made clear that we do not want to be interviewed by any newspaper or magazine, regardless of the proposal, which is done or can be done, write the announcement.

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