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Beckham did not spend one night in a tent, Cruz chose Chelsea 

Beckham did not spend one night in a tent, Cruz chose Chelsea


Image of the hard crack David Beckham, soccer superstar when she had to spend one night in a tent. BEX, together with his friend Gordon Ramsay a cook, decided to spend the night under the open sky and gone camping near Los Angeles. Finally, however, ended up in hotel ...
"I woke up at 4:30 in shots. Some Mexicans are shot. I do not know what was certainly, but definitely heard them, "said Gordon Ramsay. They immediately her tight bags and moved to far more comfortable hotel room in San Diego.
For soothing the nerves, Beckham spent the day in the park where his sons looked Bruuklin and Cruz to play football in the company of his wife Victoria. And while playing organized Bruuklin match Cruz just hang around, trying to show his team ... Chelsea. See photos of Beckham family walk in the park!

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