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Larissa continues to reap the benefits of World Cup 2010 

Larissa continues to reap the benefits of World Cup 2010


The most popular fan World Cup 2010 - Larissa Riquelme - continues to reap the benefits of turbulent support, which proved to Paraguay during the World Cup. Lush brunette left great impressions in the male community with devotion during the meetings in South Africa and is now trying to keep the fire in order not to sink into oblivion, at least until the next big football forum.
Larissa Riquelme has already managed to take off a bunch of magazines and the last cover that won is that of the September issue of the American edition of the H para Hombres.
On it it is in tiny thong and specially cut jersey Paraguay, and in the inner pages in sexy black lingerie remaining bit of imagination ... More Larissa - HERE! and here!

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