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Coleen Rooney and took it threatened: One more and I finished 

Coleen Rooney and took it threatened: One more and I finished


The wife of Wayne Rooney - Coleen seems to forgive but not forgotten trifle of Manchester United striker with a prostitute while she was pregnant with their son Kai.

Velvet half the player finally allowed British national to return to the family home, but with the stipulation that Wayne will not sleep in a room with her.

In addition to direct text Colleen told the 24-year-old Rooney, this is his last chance to save her marriage.

"Another woman and done," were the words with which he was welcomed home by his wife with a prostitute teammate wiggle of Dimitar Berbatov.

Colleen was recently told his friends that, despite infidelity, Wayne continues to love and probably that is why we forgive him and let him return home.

It is expected that following the successful resolution of family problems, Wayne Rooney to return to the composition of the Manchester United and play in the household against the Rangers in the Champions League tonight.

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